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Initially considered the last resort for the socially stunted, online dating services have shrugged off its social stigma and emerged as a mainstream means for singles to find the special someone in their lives.

Here are some key things you should always keep in mind when attempting to use the Internet for romance and marriage quests.

* Use a professional introduction agency, one that has been established for at least 3 years, like
* Use an Internet dating web site, not some free extra which is an afterthought on many sites
* Use a online dating agency that allows free profile registration for all members from all over the world
* Use an online service that allows you to post more than one photo for free
* Use an Internet marriage and relationship services agency that has a secure commerce system backed by a major bank or paypal
* Do not use completely free online dating sites as you often don't get top quality services because they are expensive to run
* The best Internet dating specialists offer you great customer service, look for online help
* Use an agency that is appealing and relaxed and suits your style
* Don't go for agencies that pay for glossy adverts to catch your eye, they are not always the best and honest ones
* Look for online dating agencies that provide detailed guides
* International web sites usually have the best variety of member profiles
* Find an Internet dating agency that is willing to chat about any issues you may have
* Use an agency that offers different methods of secure payment like paypal
* Some of the best online dating agencies allow payment in different currencies
* It is essential that you can Browse & Find profiles for free
* Make sure that the search facilities are fast and suit your style of searching

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